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Days out and walking in the country and by the seaside, visits to see friends in Europe and the US, and an amazing trip to the Mexican jungle and Mexico City

Posada El Castillo; Edward James’ home in Xilitla

Before heading up into the jungle of Las Pozas, we stayed for one night in El Castillo.  Set high up in the Sierra Madre mountains, in the town of Xilitla (he-lit-la) the building is...

A thousand red pyramids in Mexico City

Tenzotle is a red volcanic rock that was used by the Aztecs, and later on the Spanish, to face their buildings. Red is still the dominant colour of  buildings in Mexico City’s historic area, and the colours tenzotle red and...

Concrete, Rocks, Bricks and Tiles in Chichester

A day trip to Chichester included a visit to one of my favourite places; Pallant House Gallery. Housing a permanent collection of Modern British art, it also has a calendar of temporary exhibitions.

A trip to the National Anthropology Museum, Mexico

This summer I was lucky enough to be part of the Architectural Association’s experimental concrete sculpture summer school  (Las Pozas) in Mexico.  These photos are from our morning at the Museo Nacional de Antropología in...