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Parallel of Life and Art; an exhibition of visual language

The mini-exhibition at Tate Britain, New Brutalist Image 1949-55,  focuses on the artistic and architectural collaborations between Eduardo Paolozzi, the artist-photographer Nigel Henderson, the architects Alison and Peter Smithson and structural engineer Ronald Jenkins.

Wax relief cast from clay

After reading about the technique Paolozzi used to create the textures for his assembled sculptures, I thought I’d have a go myself. 

Assemblage techniques used in sculpture

Looking again at the way Paolozzi’s ‘Cyclops’ was made you can see that embedded in it are a few identifiable objects; the wheel in the head, and what look like machine parts in the torso and...

The Cyclopes in Mythology

One-eyed creatures abound in the stories and folktales of many civilisations, however the Cyclopes that give Paolozzi’s sculpture its name come from ancient Greek mythology.

Gallery descriptions of Paolozzi’s ‘Cyclops’

The sign by the sculpture at the Tate currently reads: In classical mythology, a Cyclops was and extremely strong giant with a single eye in the centre of his forehead However, the description of...

A physical description of Paolozzi’s ‘Cyclops’

Paolozzi’s Cyclops (1957) is easily recognisable as a figure, albeit with no arms and with an oversized head. Made of highly textured cast bronze, there are fragments of objects – embedded? – into the...

Looking at Paolozzi’s ‘Cyclops’ (for 10 days)

I’d been thinking of making a project about reflection on a piece of work as well as its creation. Often I’d found myself skittering from making one thing then straight on the next one without perhaps paying enough...