Shadow images of materials using spraypaint

I made some silhouettes spraying chalkboard paint over solid objects; a branch, pieces of broken plaster, brass shim strips and bits of balsa wood. I was thinking about the imprints left on the clay, and the new textures they made on the sheet of wax.

Shadow (6)

Could I create another version of ‘imprints’ where the original object is no longer there but an after image remains?

Perhaps these could be another way of collaging together things to then use for something else.

They make me think of photograms.

Also the illustrator* who collected marks to then use to create her work.

A library of shapes / marks / textures.

The ones that worked the best for me had a good contrast between sharp edges and soft spray; so the brass shim and the plaster shards. The organic shapes didn’t work so well I think…

*I so wish I could remember her name; no amount of googling has turned anything up though. All I remember is she came to Camberwell to run a workshop on the Graphic Design Degree course, and that she was American. And that her studio had filing cabinets containing drawers and drawers of textures and shapes – rough, circle, smooth, lines etc – that she then used to create her illustrations.

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