Memories as objects

Alice Anderson is known for creating objects wound with copper thread or wire, and with live performance / film documentation being part of her artistic practise as much as the resulting objects being made. I also know her for having beautiful red hair.

Her current exhibition ‘Memory Movement Memory Objects’ at the Wellcome Collection consists of over 100 objects wrapped entirely in copper thread and a ‘studio’ where you can even have a go at wrapping an entire car!

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Initially, easily recognisable objects – a phone, basketball, tools – are displayed, beautifully lit and arranged in a room.

In the following room, objects are bound together to create new things; a drum-kit with strange appendages, ladders with foot holds blocked…

Another room centres on the distortion that the wrapping can cause; not only physical (sound is distorted through a wrapped speaker).

Towards the end of the gallery you can wander among a series of wrapped panels.

The objects in the exhibition were unified by the material used, but the way each object or group was displayed felt very deliberate and almost venerable. It seems this was the intention going by the text on the exhibition’s website:

“Each piece is an exploration and act of memory …  creating an atmosphere that is at once meditative and communal”

12-2015-07-23 17.37.20

Spending time with the objects became engrossing; I found myself looking really hard at the texture, lines, patterns and reflections created by the wrapped wire as well as the forms.

I found myself thinking about the physical action of wrapping and its connection to memories. Spending what must be hours and hours –  and yards and yards of copper – with a single object, it could be seen in a similar way to mentally going over and over an experience, ‘wrapping it’ either in your mind’s eye, or by keeping a simple object – a pebble or ticket – on display to remind you of a particular time or event.

For one week (26th September – 3rd October 2015) you will be able to ‘make a memory’; by adding an object which has special significance to you or society,  it will be wrapped and become part of Alice Anderson’s Studio Archive.

More info
Alice Anderson: Memory Movement Memory Objects (London, 22 July 2015 – 18 October 2015. Closed Mondays)
Alice Anderson (website)
Alive Anderson (videos; half dance, half documentation!)

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