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Nordic Bakery – Cinnamon buns

Not *quite* like the real deal, but still. The cookbook is a pre-birthday present and a fab one at that

Camden Art Centre exhibition booklets

Beautiful and useful way of cataloguing Camden Arts Centre exhibitions in a consistent way. I don’t mind paying £1 for each one, and really like the idea that as you add them to the...

Wood & Harrison show: Things That Happen

Beautiful, simple & immaculately filmed video works at the Carroll / Fletcher gallery on Eastcastle St, W1W, until the end of March.

Laura Buckley’s walk-in kaleidescope

I managed to persuade a fellow visitor to pose his silhouette between the projected films and the screen of Laura Buckley‘s ‘Fata Morgana‘. He didn’t believe me that we were allowed to get inside...

Adaptive Architecture

Reactive (to light, touch, movement..) canopies created by students at the AA D_lab workshop, shown at the Kinetica Art Fair 2012