Scent, sound and wires fill a Hackney gallery with sculpture installation

As part of our site-specific sculpture unit at The Art Academy, we spent a day with artist Lee Holden, and visited his exhibition – ‘Insnar’d with Flow’rs, I Fall on Grass’ at Angus-Hughes Gallery in Hackney. (We’d spent the morning in a studio workshop about resourcefulness and readymades)

A sculptural installation combining form, sound, light and smell, the work filled the gallery and was a result of several weeks of Lee’s time spent as artist in residence.

Inspired by the many in depth conversations the artist has had with his students over the past few years, Holden has deliberately chosen to reassess both his intentions and approach to his own practice, and to take on board the advice he would usually give to his students —Angus-Hughes Gallery

It was great how you could get into the installation – being careful – to see it close up.

Lee spoke of how he saw the work as an ongoing piece; to be added to during the show ‘tending it like a garden’. There were crates containing ‘spare parts’ that could be incorporated to the installation as time went on.


His resourcefulness at turning what were normal everyday things (a lot from Pound shops!) into what looked like bespoke pieces of engineering was impressive.

It reflected his interest in using readily available – and cheap – materials, and in extending their life beyond what they were supposed to be.

It was an inspiring day and Lee was great to talk to!

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