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Wax relief cast from clay

After reading about the technique Paolozzi used to create the textures for his assembled sculptures, I thought I’d have a go myself. 

Assemblage techniques used in sculpture

Looking again at the way Paolozzi’s ‘Cyclops’ was made you can see that embedded in it are a few identifiable objects; the wheel in the head, and what look like machine parts in the torso and...

Casting your own lead (hot metal) type

I need some lead type for an installation I’m working on and came across someone selling it buy bulk on ebay; unfortunately he was on holiday and not taking orders, so I had to...

Material experiments; metal and concrete

Researching possibilities of using metals embedded in concrete. I like how some of the metal shapes are a bit hidden; it goes with an idea I am looking at about fossils.

Casting a clay figure: casting in wax

Painting wax on each part of the mould first to build up layers; then putting the mould together and pouring a few ‘joining’ layers to combine the two parts.

Thinking process

I’m never short of ideas; the trick is to not get swamped in them, and to realise *at least* a few projects without getting overwhelmed. Trouble is, sometimes *everything* becomes interesting and it can...