Cutting and winding 5km of ribbon for World Water Week installation

When we sourced the ribbon for the World Water Week installation this summer, we were asked who or how we were cutting it into 1000 x 5m lengths (one to go in each of the thousand Belu bottles). We just shrugged and said, we were. Looking back, their faces as we said that, said it all… It took the two of us 9h to cut to length, wind and secure each ribbon!

A small task, even one that takes only a few seconds or minutes (yes, we worked it out!) when multiplied many, many times takes on enormous proportions.

You can take heart from the fact that it works both ways though; an enormous task broken down into tiny parts – ones that you can contemplate without freaking out, and do consistently – means eventually even the giant thing will get done!

See info and pics of the final installation


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