The making of a Modern Fossil; fun with metalwork at London Sculpture Workshop

I spent a few days over the summer at the London Sculpture Workshop. College was closed, I had a deadline to meet and no access to heavy machinery…. LSW was the answer; London’s first open access sculpture workshop had just opened in Bermondsey. Walking there with my bag of metal parts clanking in my bag, I got my hit of nature with a walk through Burgess Park every day, plus I got to hang out with the lovely Giles and Melis…

The project brief specified that there were to be no sharp edges; the sculpture was to be installed in a public place and within reach of curious hands and arms too… this meant filing *all* the edges

In the end I cut two hundred and ten tubes; 14 per shape x 15 (a couple of extra shapes made just in case!)

The finished pieces  bolted together ready to be delivered!

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