History everywhere as WW1 app launched with event held under Cambrian Fossil Explosion bridge

Today the 7 Bridges project launched their augmented reality smart phone app, LJWW1…

an app which will allow a sequence of augmented reality stories about World War 1 to unfold on three separate routes through the Loughborough Junction area

There was an event held under Cambria Bridge – site of the Cambrian Explosion art project that features my ‘Modern Fossil’ art work – with history talks,  mini-steam train, people in WW1 costume leading walks and music from live bands…

It also saw the installation of a ‘petrified forest’ of concrete tree trunks from local parks by Marc Cowan. This is a much more interesting way of creating bollards; councils take note!

A welded sign went up about the Cambrian Explosion project, with details of the artists an schools that have contributed.

In the local area you can see customised paving slabs that are scannable with your phone (with the LJ.WW1 app installed) to get augmented reality stories related to WW1 in Loughborough Junction.

LJAG and the 7 Bridges Project are a great bunch so keep an eye on their existing and forthcoming projects for the area…

More info:
My sculpture, Modern Fossil
Photo feature on Brixton Buzz
7 Bridges Project – Flickr photos of the event
Loughborough Junction Action Group
LJ.WW1 App info or download (Android / it says it’s for IOS too, but I can’t find the link)

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  1. September 7, 2022

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