Emilia Telese talk – ‘How to make your art practice sustainable’

Notes from Emilia Telese’s talk at the Art Academy. She spoke passionately and knowledgeably, and was an inspiration to us for continuing with art after we graduate!

‘An ongoing line of enquiry’ – each project you work on is an expression of that (be aware of connections)

What to do if your art is not saleable?

  • Funding from Gov / EU (statuatory), Societies / Foundations / Patrons (charity) or via the artworld / prizes / patron / commercial / businesses
  • This may also add legitimacy (professional, not hobbyist)
  • Gives you discipline with deadlines
  • Adds to reputation / references
  • Gives you freedom to work coupled with pressure to complete

Apply for exhibition / then apply for funding (British Council will help with abroad stuff). Can take from 6 months to two years from beginning to end!

Stage a ‘version’ of project to photograph to send to funders

Talese’s time working for (day to day) money aims to be max 3 days a week; the rest is dedicated to her art practise.

Her method is to be working on 3 projects at a time; one just finishing (and being paid for), one currently happening (that will be paid for) and one researching (that will move to current).

Her Taj Mahal piece took 15 volunteers to help build, and 18 months funding.

Saleable pieces; artefacts associated with performance or installation ie Christo.

More info
Emilia Telese is and Italian visual artist, writer, broadcaster and a AHRC PhD student

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