Countercultural artwork presented by Maggs & Strange Attractor

‘Unstable’ is a collection of abstract artwork from Battle of the Eyes – Savage Pencil (Chris Long) & Eyeball (Edwin Pouncey), Joel Biroco, Julian House and Cathy Ward. All are visual artists, but they are also polymaths, working as illustrators, musicians and even occultists and many have been published in the Strange Attractor Journal. All the artwork was beautiful, but the idea and process behind Portal To The Anscestors I-V: A Seance in Painting by Battle Of The Eyes’ is fascinating. It came as a direct result of finishing the Requiem Ark series of paintings which dealt with parental loss; this series was about making contact with departed ancestors.

Using original photographs from their personal archive, the artists photocopied, enlarged, and collaged them, taping the result to their studio wall. Initial charcoal marks were made on paper from the shadows cast (by the collage, but perhaps too by the ancestors’ spirits?) and these were then worked on with acrylic and oil pastel, and finally transferred to canvas using acrylic & oil.

The gallery is in the old stables at the back of Maggs Bros. Georgian townhouse on Berkeley Sq. An antiquarian booksellers, Maggs Bros Ltd has been dealing in rare books and manuscripts since 1853. The exhibition runs until the 8th of June 2012.

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