Concrete, Rocks, Bricks and Tiles in Chichester

A day trip to Chichester included a visit to one of my favourite places; Pallant House Gallery. Housing a permanent collection of Modern British art, it also has a calendar of temporary exhibitions.

Exhibited in the courtyard at the moment are these tile covered figures from Nek Chand’s Rock Garden of Chandigarh in India, made of concrete with mosaic details.

Although figures of Indian gods and goddesses might be a bit incongruous in a Sussex market town, I liked how the materials and colours of the sculptures made a sympathetic connection with the bricks and details of the surrounding Queen Anne style buildings.

Also on show inside the house are glass sculptures by Michael Petry – A Twist in Time –  however what caught my eye was a brass arrow he’d suspended above the hall fireplace (Libation to Eros). In the fireplace itself was an engraved rock installation – Hearth Stone – by artist Andy Goldsworthy. I thought the combination of arrow, stone and architectural feature worked really well together.

In fact throughout the original part of the house (late 19th century) the combination of the period architecture and the curation of the modern British art works very harmoniously.


After Pallant House, I walked along the City Walls that were built as defences around the Roman town of Noviomagus Reginorum. Running  in a mile and half loop around the centre of Chichester, you can walk nearly the whole way around.

I started to take pictures of all the brick details that I came across, from the Roman flint, 19th Century to modern brick and patches where it all got muddled up together!

Ever since my visit to Mexico, I’ve been interested in how recesses are found or are used in buildings; these missing or excavated brick holes caught my attention…

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