20,000 blue plastic bags used to create The Lotus Land sculpture

Whilst visiting New York, we took the super speedy East River Ferry from  N. 6th St / N. Williamsburg up to Hunters Point South  / Long Island City. Once there, we headed north to check out the Socrates Sculpture Park and Isamu Noguchi Museum.

Socrates Sculpture Park

Socrates Sculpture park is right on the waterside. An old abandoned landfill site until 1986, it is now an outdoor museum and public park. You can see Manhattan across the East River.

The Lotus Land

Lots of the sculpture on show as part of EAF13: 2013 was brightly coloured; but the blue of the plastic bags used in this sculpture, combined with the blue of the sky that day grabbed my attention…

The Lotus Land

The strong wind blowing the plastic, making the surface ripple, added to its appeal.  You Myung Gyun says he is inspired by nature and wanted to “experiment with installations that connect more positively with both nature and human society“.

The title is The Lotus Land. I used about twenty thousand plastic bags. It was beautiful blue color’s plastic bags like sky and space. It looks a kind of addiction about cheap culture we’re sharing without spirit and philosophic. Fascinating, sensitive and hallucination…. That’s all…
— You Myung Gyun)

EAF13: 2013 Emerging Artist Fellowship Exhibition
until March 31, 2014

Socrates is open 365 days a year from 10am until sunset
Admission is FREE.

The Park is located in Long Island City, Queens
32-01 Vernon Boulevard at Broadway
Long Island City (Queens), NY 11106
Tel: 718-956-1819

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