Modern fossil sculpture; part of the 7 Bridges public art project

Last summer I created a ‘Modern Fossil‘ to go under a railway bridge that goes across Cambria Road in South London. As one of 25 artists creating a collection of ‘fossils’, the idea was to relate to the Cambrian period, a geological era when life on earth exploded into complex multi-cellular animals. The ‘fossils’ could be real or imagined, from the past, present or future.

A few days ago I wandered along the Cambria Road to see how it was getting on, and they are all up!

I can only identify my own contribution – so far – as the project organiser says:

The artists’ names wil be displayed separately from their fossil and a taxonomy of artists will be located at the end of the bridge ensuring there will always be a fossil hunt at the Cambria Bridge

Below is a short video celebrating the completion of the Cambrian Explosion, part of the arts led regeneration project 7 Bridges, an initiative supported by the Loughborough Junction Action Group.

Further info:
Visit Cambria Road bridge
More about the The 7 Bridges project
The Loughborough Junction Action Group

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