Creating a visual identity for a prototype food sharing project – a Made in Lambeth Event

On Saturday I collaborated in designing a visual identity for a prototype food sharing platform – a way of reducing food waste and helping food charities / organisations borough-wide – as part of a Made in Lambeth event.

Arriving  at the newly launched Impact Hub Brixton in the basement of Lambeth town hall, my hangover was swiftly seen off by a fruit salad and a banana porridge made by the Brixton People’s Kitchen.

They think “that sharing food with strangers is one of the nicest ways to spread happiness. And if the food has been saved from going to waste, it makes it even tastier.”

Tasting the reality of potential food waste turned into a delicious breakfast sets us all up nicely for tackling today’s brief: to create a prototype food sharing platform for local food charities.

Problems that needed addressing

There are many individual food charities, food banks, church groups and other local organisations in the borough and research conducted before this event highlighted the three main problems they face.

  • Problem 1: Too much food
    “I have been offered food which I have no space for, so I want to let charities know it’s available or find somewhere else to store it”
  • Problem 2: Not enough food
    “I am running out of (a specific kind of) food and need to locate it as soon as possible”
  • Problem 3: Unable to get food
    “I have been offered food which I need, but I require help to retrieve and transport it”

The main things that came up in trying to resolve the three main problems outlined by the brief were the ideas of overlapping, sharing and linking existing resources. How do you try and do this (service design) and then communicate that idea visually?

User research, service design, visual design, marketing

We initially split into three groups  – service design, online and marketing – according to our skills / interests. It was extremely useful to have members of active food surplus / waste food distribution projects making up part of the teams so we could learn from their experiences.

Seeing a few familiar faces from previous Made in Lambeth events was good too; lovely to work with Steve T and Katie again! Steve T’s fab drawings of our initial marketing ideas…

Lambeth food sharing platform for local charities - branding ideas

Name and logo ideas

Foodchain was the most popular name, followed by a close second of  ‘pear to pear’, a play on peer to peer and pairing.

Regrouping to share what we’d all come up with before lunch  – with practical actions outlined for the afternoon – it was a good time to move between groups and share our findings and ideas.

By this time, appetising smells were coming from the bike powered mobile kitchen!

In the afternoon we broke down the work into individual tasks;  Katherine planning out the project and writing up tone of voice and copy, I worked on the typography and logo, and how that might be applied to promotional materials with Steve working on illustrations, colour palettes and the presentation we were to show to the group at 4pm.

Using the idea of ‘chain’ and ‘overlap’ I created a logo using a Venn-like detail, the colon between Foodchain and Lambeth meant that the project could be extended to other boroughs.

Lambeth food sharing platform for local charities - branding ideas

Lambeth food sharing platform for local charities - branding ideas

Visual language and colours

The Venn idea could be extended to use in promotional material using the visual language of an infographic. The colours Steve came up with were partly inspired by the amazing food the People’s Kitchen Brixton served up for lunch…!

Potential partners

With the successful cooperation of all the smaller food banks, charities, church groups etc, they could unite to present a single front. This in turn could be used to negotiate with bigger players who could help with the logistics, but are potentially less keen to deal with smaller individuals.

Lambeth food sharing platform for local charities - branding ideas

There was lots of other well thought out work that went on to address the service design aspect of the project, as well as some initial technical goes of making it happen, which I will add to here when I find it (get in touch if you took part!).

Sum up

It was a fun, social and really productive day and we got a lot done in in the new 1 day format. Hanna from the Best Before Project seemed really enthused by what we’d done, and promised to maintain the momentum of the project. I look forward to seeing what happens next…

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