Designing a logo for local community garden project, Loughborough Farm

Loughborough Junction Action group – a community project local to me – sent out a request for some volunteer design work last year. They were looking for someone to create a visual identity that could be used online, on printed leaflets and with a view to eventually being stencilled on produce boxes.

“Loughborough Farm – a patchwork of community growing spaces – is an LJAG-led community food growing project growing food for local consumption and sale. The aim is to bring into production derelict and underused pieces of land. The project will be volunteer-led but we are recruiting ‘grow leaders’ who will be offered training with the possibility of future employment.”

The ‘patchwork of community growing spaces’ is literal – plants are grown in recycled ton bags used in construction – and is such an evocative image that it quickly led to a few sketches of ideas:

Sketches for Loughborough Farm logo

The LJAG logo already used the letters of Loughborough stacked in a grid, so that was initially included in the Farm ideas:

Ideas for Loughborough Farm logo

No.3 (below) was too literal a ‘patchwork’, the ambiguity of no.4 that could either be read as patches of earth, or a crowded jumble of tower blocks – Loughborough Junction is a heavily built up urban environment – No.1 was the direction chosen by the LJAG board, losing the label ends around the strapline.

Ideas for Loughborough Farm logo

No.1 was still the main contender – and minus a slight deviation with a request to try using a stencil font…

Ideas for Loughborough Farm logo

… – it was returned to, and worked up in a single colour. The final artwork was supplied suitable for print and online, so I look foreword to seeing it in use!

Loughborough Farm logo

Go for a visit and see what they’re growing

Loughborough Farm site

Sited on Loughborough Road opposite Wyck Gardens, Loughborough Farm is hard to miss with a giant chaffinch painted by artist Mark Wydler on the gates!

Loughborough Farm site

Check the blackboard sited at the entrance, or see LJAG events’ listing for details of Loughborough farm planting sessions, gardening training and volunteering slots. The farm is open every Tuesday and Saturday afternoon between 1-3pm.

More info:
Loughborough Farm project
Loughborough Junction Action Group

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  1. April 16, 2014

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  2. May 23, 2014

    […] The excellent new branding for the project, as created by our very own Emerald Mosley. […]

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