Beehives on Fortnum & Mason’s

I wouldn’t expect anything less than colour co-ordinated, and architecturally chic*, beehives on the roof of a London food emporium, but still… I was fascinated to see that Fortnums has no less than 4 beehives, full of bees producing honey to sell in the shops downstairs.

And it seems London isn’t alone in urban apiaries. According to this article in Time, you can buy Harlem honey at Union Square’s Green Market as well as honey from hives on top of the Paris Opera at Fauchon. Paris even has a hive school – rucher école – that teaches you how to keep city bees safely!…

hmmmm is there room on the balcony for a hive here? (if so, I’d be joining the ranks of the Yupbees…!)

* Each has a Roman, Gothic, Chinese or Mughal arch on the front.

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  1. A says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing the bees at F&N. Webcam awesome! Left you a note on your knit blog – if you cld get in touch that would be great! Thanks, A

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