Bake leftover clementines!


If you have a surplus of over-enthusiastically bought clementines that aren’t quite as juicy as they once were, here’s an idea for a zesty, caramelised treat;

  • Light the oven and set to gas mark 5
  • Top and tail the clementines. Place top and tail slices into a pan with some sugar, cinnamon and water. Boil.
  • Meanwhile cut the top and tailed clems into 5mm slices and lay out onto a baking sheet.
  • Sprinkle a bit of sugar all over the clems and blob some butter around and about on the top too.
  • After about 10 mins of boiling, drain the cooked peel, sugar and cinnamon mixture and pour the liquid over the butter and sugared clems on your baking sheet
  • Whack in the oven until they are looking a golden brown; even a bit crispy.
  • Use as they are to nibble on, make a dessert with (chop up and add to plain yogurt), add to muesli or whizz up roughly for some quick marmalade!

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  1. Just what I needed Em- there are two lonely clementines that I feel too sorry for to throw away. I will do this this afternoon!

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