Catherine André in The Knitter magazine


I don’t even know if she does knitting patterns, but… On pg 20 of this issue there are some gorgeous knit pieces by Catherine André… They were just part of the the Martin Storey ‘mood board’ thing about fairisle, and I think I was supposed to be paying more attention to The Knitter patterns as part of it, but I got so distracted by Catherine’s colours and patterns

Does anyone know anything / heard about her? I'd like to wear virtually every single item on the page in the above link! I wonder if she just designs knitwear, or if you she does patterns too [crosses fingers]

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  1. catherine andre fan says:

    Catherine Andre is a French designer with amazing knit designs. She has boutiques in France & Belgium, but has some representation in high fashion/high priced boutiques in the U.S. Her designs are brightly colored, well made, and very unique. I have two of her dresses, hand warmers, and am working to save up enough money to buy a beautiful dress from her trunk show for spring 2011. I hope this helps!

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