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Monday: Dia Beacon

Take the train from Grand Central along the Hudson Valley up to Beacon, where the Dia Art Foundation has a gallery in a converted Nabisco factory. It is an enormous space, lit using only natural light and has work by Donald Judd (inside out plywood boxes), Bruce Nauman (mice invade studio), Michael Heizer (big holes), Joseph Beuys (felt and metal sculptures that make you feel deafened as you walk through them), Richard Serra (giant metal spirals that give you claustraphobia – in a good way – as you explore them) and Fred Sandback (bits of string that trick you that they are 3 dimensional objects). These are the artists I really liked. It was amazing to have that amount of space, and so few visitors to bug you as you experienced the sculptures. And experience you really did – there was space, time and quiet enough to really get the most from these exhibits. The only other place that has a similar feeling of space is the turbine gallery at the Tate Modern, but very rarely will you get the cathedral like quiet and emptiness in which to enjoy it.

That night we meet J at Fix, tucked away down a side street – it has curious textured wallpaper (it could have been a fancy patiserrie?) and a weird iron girder / winch in the ceiling (it could have been a slaughterhouse?). It closed London time, so we headed to Galapagos and then to The Levee which promised:
Booze, Pool, Dogs & Beer.
It delivered and I had fun with the dollar jukebox. It was really good to see J again.

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