NY Diary

Sunday: Weird Fog

After not being able to see the bridge (which is only a block away), the mist clears and then it is balmy 70C… Breakfast at Read Cafe, coffee and bagel, then we site outside and watch the marathon run by…

Some things that are being handed out:
Water in paper cups, bananas cut in half, paper towels, lollies.
There are lots of neighbourhood bands playing on the corner of virtually every block and paper flags waved from windows… It is always a joy to watch the marathon and see people’s positive and optimistic reaction to it.

We meet M & J (pregnant!) and Lizzie and Patrick at Bonita – a Spanish Diner – for brunch. Lots of chilli with everything, cafe con leche and bizarre fluorescent pop. There are lovely mosaics inside.

Take the subway into town and walk through Union Sq, Washington Sq (beautiful coloured leaves on the trees), a million films sets in SoHo, then along to Ludlow to inspect the damage. The Pink Pony is still there, but Luna Lounge has gone (making way for luxe flats) as have the artist studios we visited before at an open house night (more luxe apartments).
Big fat raindrops fall as I don’t find a soft spot for The Soft Spot bar back accross the river…

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