New York Yarn!

The part of the trip M was thrilled by* of course, was visting all the cool yarn shops out here! :) We went to Purl – at last… the previous visit we had a few hours before catching the plane and the blasted place was closed! – and saw the beautiful, *tiny* balls of Habu textiles.. aesthetically wonderful by themselves, goodness knows what they’re like knitted up!
Also checked out The Point, a cafe-come-yarnstore which is such a great idea… you think you’re done getting all you need, but sitting down over your latte and home-made cupcake, ah ha! you spot a ball of [insert cmuch coveted yarn here] up there on the wall… The one I went for was some boucle mohair made by the Be Sweet people, some Misti Alpaca (sooo soft!), Heavenly by Artful yarns and some Jo Sharp – for research, honest.. want to get people to stock this in the UK…

*secretly, I bet…

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