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I have (paper) notes from my trip away, but stuff has to be written out / scanned in so for now here are just a couple of links, thanks to bits of crumpled paper found in the bottom of my rucksack whilst emptying it!

We went to Cinders Gallery that had an exhibition of posters by bon goût – made me super happy looking at them and then a bit cross I wasn’t doing more drawing myself.. one of the books reminded me of work done by Nate Williams so here is a link to his site just because it’s good to look at..

… got some cool ideas about doing a new Banjo show…

oh and I bought a copy of The Drama cos it featured an interview with the amazing talented Geneviève Castrée about her, and her new book – Pamplemoussi.

Also saw in ReadyMade mag a link to and it reminded me of how we made the jam this summer –  blackberries from Wormwood Scrubs and apples fallen on the grass in K’s back garden.

Also on the plane home watched the film Crash (Paul Haggis) a brilliant film about people living in LA and their racial (in)tolerence… made me cry…

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  1. Helen McCookerybook says:

    Thanks for the link to Nate Williams, what fantastic drawings.
    Look forward to the next Actionettes danceathon!

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