Gold and black paintings exploring migratory bird patterns at Imperial College, London

Studiomate Chud had paintings and ceramics on show in the Centre for Languages, Culture & Communication at Imperial College London. It was the first time I’d seen her work outside of the studio, so didn’t really know what to expect; only that it would feature a lot of black and gold as I’d been watching it take shape.

She described this exhibition as ‘using the roosting behaviour of starlings and the phenomena of murmuration to consider the subject of migration’. These ceramic forms were inspired by the circular movements and congregation of starlings; the books in the display case are those Chud has used or referred to as part of her research.

The drawings and paintings above were partly done in the midst of the torrential rain and flooding we had at the studio…!

Murmuration cloud drawings made from household paint and fragments of survival blankets….

It’s not the first time Chud has used the gold rescue blankets in her work; see below for link to her talking about it as part of the Griffin Gallery residency last year. The theme of migration has also been a persistent thread in her work.

Chudamani Clowes, interview, Griffin Gallery, London

More info
Chud’s blog
‘Murmurations’ is on until 19 August 2016

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