Geological features of Vauxhall

Specifically granite and marble… Ok, so they’re mostly imported from Brazil and Italy, but these slices of stone on show in the yard of Vauxhall’s Granite & Marble UK Ltd make for an interesting and beautiful geology lesson.

A supplier of all things stone for your interior deco needs, they also have examples of onyx, quartz, limestone and travertine…

I like how they are all just racked up outside their premises for you to check out. Being so heavy, I doubt they have many casual shoplifters!

The showroom even has stone samples arranged along the wall on the South Lambeth road, so if you’re on the bus going past, you can still catch a glimpse of  these geological marvels…


Lastly, on their website you can see how the stone is prepared (with a curious house-y soundtrack!).

I love how businesses like this are still hanging on in central London – not yet banished to the retail parks of suburbia – allowing itself to be discovered by a curious walker…

The entrance of Granite & Marble UK Ltd with ghost signage from its previous life as a timber yard

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