An accordion sketchbook, extended lines and stamped textures

When I received a sketchbook started by Gill in January, I was pleased to see it was one of those accordion type ones. I like the idea that it can be stretched out and manipulated, with blurred boundaries as to where one page stops and another starts.

Sketchbook Circle 2016 - January pages from Gill

It also reminds me of the heads, bodies, legs (or picture consequences) game :)

Below are some details of the pages I did in response to Gill’s work.

Sketchbook Circle 2016 - January pages

Gill’s experiments with water colour and pencil ended (on the left hand side) with some  pencil marks extending over the fold of the page, so I decided to continue them using water soluble crayons.

They also happened to be in primary colours that I’ve been using in other work recently.

Sketchbook Circle 2016 - January pages: yellow hatching marks

I liked the hatch marks of the yellow crayon, so made some more marks of that type using the edge of a rubber and some stamping ink….

Sketchbook Circle 2016 - January pages: white acrylic ink resist

I also used white acrylic ink to make negative hatching that I over-painted with watercolour and acrylic ink.

Sketchbook Circle 2016 - January pages: carved rubber stamped lines

I then carved the rubber block to create a stamp, making a series of lines…

That’s all I’m going to post for now, as I want Gill to still get a bit of a surprise when she receives them!

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