Untangling the knots; the aftermath of ‘How long is a Piece of String’ installation

Unravelling the connections made by visitors to our installation, How Long is a Piece of String from Bad Behaviour’s Collaboration show, in London, May 2015.

Getting it back to studio all bundled together meant things got quite a bit more tangled…

After a while, I could untangle them enough to see the original connections made by the exhibition visitors (I’d stapled the string as a precaution when we cleared the space at the end of the show)

Some where straightforward Q to A connections…. (those without a connecting line in my list were left by visitors unconnected).


Some were a bit more complicated! 2-Q-and-A-2

Interestingly the length of string was fairly uniform; no-one really went to town and looped the string much longer than was needed to connect A to B.  Made me think of desire lines (the shortest informal route taken by pedestrians to reach a destination).

“Use a length of string to match a question with an answer. Choose what makes sense to you at this moment in time. Match as many or as few as you like. Remember there might not be an answer. And how long is a piece of string? That depends on you…”

(text from the exhibition)

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How Long is a Piece of String installation
Bad Behaviour


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