Needlework and stonecarving: 19th Century typography in Clerkenwell, London

These photos of buildings found in Clerkenwell (Corporation Row) show typical ‘School Board’ stone signs, found from following the walk in Chapter 2 (Trailblazers for Democracy in Clerkwnwell Green) of the book Rebel Footprints. Part walking guide, part history of social rebellion and justice between 18- 1930s, each chapter focuses on a particular area in London, mapping history to landmarks, buildings and streets.


As more and more of London is being redeveloped, there is danger of these visible connections disappearing, which for me is heartbreaking. One of the reasons I’ve loved growing up in London is the ability to see, walk, even touch, its history.

I was at Kingsway College which was on this site until the 1990s, until the 70s it had been the Hugh Myddelton School and before that, the location of the Middlesex House of Detention. It is now a mixture of office space and flats and called ‘1892’ after a stone date carved into the main building. [British History Online article covering the Middlesex House of Detention site]

These workshops on Clerkenwell Close (now co-working and office spaces) were used by the School Board to warehouse school furniture, stationery and needlework (!) supplies. [British History Online article covering the Clerkenwell Workshops]

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