Using wood saw blades to create paper sculptures in Victorian furniture factory

I took part in Dining Room Drawing Club’s two day event, Drawing in Space last week. 15 artists came and made work over a weekend in Brixton East, a huge, beautiful two-storey Victorian furniture factory. For a public show on the Sunday night!

Top floor of Brixton East

I’m a big fan of deadlines as they focus my mind. It was funny to be part of a big group going through the cycle of enthusiasm, work, despondency, excitement, frustration and production – which is pretty much a given for any creative process – all reaching the highs and lows at different points!

The sound of frantic scribbling, sighing, tearing paper, guitar playing, chatter, and focused silence filled the space over the two days.

I found a collection of wood saws that had been used in Brixton East’s previous incarnation and was fascinated…

I started with straight forward drawing, but got into looking at the saws’ blades and tried making rubbings of the edges…

The results didn’t really do what I wanted them to do, so I tried tearing the paper itself with the blades…

Paper cuts made from saw blades

Yes! I loved what this made and started to create shapes with the torn paper…


I then wanted the paper to interact with the space more and started making paper saw blades that slotted through the floorboards of the warehouse. I liked how this worked, and also how it referenced the warehouse’s many years as a site of carpentry.

I started with the table, then moved onto the floor of the space I was squirrelled away in. This was also the ceiling of a bathroom below; I liked that you could see them from the shower if you looked up, as it reminded me of the film Psycho!

Everyone managed to create work for the show on Sunday evening, and Dining Room Drawing Club went on to do a longer residency at Brixton East in October, #DrawBrixton.

The exhibition of that event featured prints made from a drawing I’d made of lead dust. The dust was a result of my casting lead weights as part of a sculpture made earlier in the year; Give / Take.

More info:
Dining Room Drawing Club
Brixton East100 Barrington Road, Brixton, London SW9 7JF

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