Sculpture: 2D to 3D and back again

Or, any excuse to get the glue gun & spraypaints out :). Was interested in taking something flat, constructing with it, and reverting it back to flat again. Very much process based. (I am sensing a theme here).

Starting with a single sheet of A1 cardboard, I cut it into strips and then into ’tiles’ that I hot glue gunned together. (I had seen some footage of the ‘Mimosa’ installation at the Design Museum the night before, and there was something about the petals that appealed…)

It grew pretty instinctively but as I made it I thought of a tortoise shell, a den, light and shadow, different planes, protection (although with holes & gaps) and a stone barrow or tomb. I also remembered dry stone wallers (see around 2min 30sec) talking about each stone knowing or finding it’s right spot in the walls that they’re working on.


I kept coming back to the idea of a den; wish it were life size so I could crawl in and explore :)


I sprayed one colour from each angle

I was hoping that as I sprayed the colours – one from each angle – some would overlap, going through the gaps.


Cardboard construction spraypainted; one colour from each direction

Once I’d deconstructed it, the colours and patterns left on the ’tiles’ would be a two dimensional representation of the three dimensional shape.


Taking the model apart; seeing where the colours had overlapped

I also loved seeing the texture and the colours of the ’tiles’ as they were stacked.


Raw edges of the cardboard 'tiles'

I hadn’t sorted them out properly back into their original strips – a jigsaw puzzle for a raainy afternoon perhaps! – but was pretty pleased with the result. And the process, of course. :)


Cardboard re-assembled as a single sheet

More pictures in the Cardboard+Gluegun+Spraypaint set on Flickr

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  1. Sue says:

    This is great! I really like the organic 3D shape … and it’s interesting to see it from different angles in different colours. The final 2D puzzle – great too :-)

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