Wood Resin Buttons from Loop

Went to the opening of loop’s new location in Camden Passage yesterday. It’s a fabulous place for it, with 3 floors of space with tons of natural light. Sounds like they’d had a busy morning too; with over 150 people queueing as they opened the doors!


I’d been after these buttons since the second Juju sent over the photos!. Even if I had nothing to sew them to, they are so pretty to look at and satisfyingly tactile to hold in your hand in their own right, I could imagine myself just having them in my pocket to play with…

In any case they have been bought to go on the February lady Cardi. What I didn’t realise was that on one side is dark wood, the other is light so you can flip them over and use them whichever way looks better. Susan said they reminded her of American artist Rex Ray, but I reckon they also have a touch of the – swoons – Charlie Harper about them :)

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