Among the Bohemians

Gah – I so wanted to enjoy this as it featured many artists / writers whose work I’ve enjoyed, however this book does them no favours.

Even taking into account that this was a different time (1900-1939) the characters featured come across as a group of spoiled, attention seeking, smug, oooh-aren’t-I-kooky types, which makes for irritating reading.

Each chapter starts with a series of questions purported to be answered in the following pages ie: Feast & Famine: Must one eat meat? – Are creativity and cookery compatible? – is it possible to eat on an artist’s income? – why must women prepare meals? etc etc; all interesting ideas in terms of questioning / rejecting the Victorian ‘norms’ but essentially the answer is; if you are rich, you can do what you like (even sleep with your daughters – oh dear, oh dear, Mr Gill).

I know I ought not to be surprised; it was – and is – ever thus, but there was no new or appealing take on it, or in the writing itself that could convince me to continue reading.

A shame.

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