Interesting sounds; Birdsong, London and Aural holidays

Sad to say that Radio Birdsong is no longer; it soothed any insomnia I had with it's tweetings (and weird noises I thought I may have dreamt; a horse's whinny and trill on a flute) on many a night… There seems to be a bit of cashing in on the channel's popularity as there is another site – Birdsong Radio – where you can buy a CD of the recording, but why bother when you can listen for free via the original recordist's (Quentin Howard) website.. Who knew it was originally recorded for a play of When the Wind Blows?

More aural pleasure

The London-centric Sound Survey website with its area-related recordings, and Favourite London Sounds; I hadn't realised how much I missed the sound of old slam door trains, or how much they conjour up going off on holiday until I listened!

On a more global scale, Audio Vacations sent in to The Quiet American let you travel around the globe with only your ears… Beat that Mr Staycation!

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  1. TSF says:

    Have you seen this project i’ve been working on?

  2. Goldtop says:

    Just took a look; what’s it all about?

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