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Does anyone know a UK manufacturer of eco-friendly artist’s paints? I can find plenty of sources of environmentally friendly house paint, and even natural pigment children’s paints – these Fabio Living Colour ones look amazing, although they don’t seem to be in stock anywhere – but none in the UK specifically aimed at people wanting to replace their acrylic, block printing or watercolours with a more environmentally friendly alternative.(Golden Artist Colors comes the closest in the US)

I’ve found screenprinters in Australia that use sustainable practises and Permaset fabric paints look encouraging (but again, Australian based).

I know a lot of paints use natural pigments or minerals as their foundation, but just being natural doesn’t necessarily mean eco- or person- friendly; just think of the lead used in Chrome Yellow! Hmm, maybe I’ll go along to Cornelissen & Son and pick their brains… If I find out anything, I’ll post on here.

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  1. micheal joyce says:

    Hi Goldtop,

    Did you find any eco-friendly artist materials site? I have been in contact with Colourcraft and looked at their “Eco-Friendly Artist’s Acrylic Paints” and have sent them an email asking for further clarification. I want to set up an Eco-Friendly shop on eBay. There is one company which does not seem to have sold any paints and it is at Or just type in “Eco-friendly acrylic paints”. Did you find out if Windsor & Newton, etc are eco-friendly? Regards, Mícheál Joyce

  2. goldtop says:

    I didn’t but thanks for the link; will check them out :)

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