UK Swap – Spoiled a rama!

Ok, so this pic is *just the yarn* my lovely spoiler sent…!
Can you believe it? There is also the lovely handmade bag, the patterns and the goodies*!

Picperfic has done herself proud I think! Each yarn came with a pattern in it’s own little ziploc bag (they are red with a cute flower pattern on – never seen them before). The notecards are her own photographs, the bag handmade and the Heart sock pattern her own design! lots of creativity and thought went into this package, and I’m so happy to have received it!


Thanks so much again :)

Also, thanks to Monica & Vikki for organising the UK swap in the first place – yay!

*My boyf particularly pleased as we’d just run out of Earl Grey, and he was about to nip out and get some :)

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  1. Marianne says:

    So glad I don’t have to hide myself away any more! Looks like it all arrived in one piece, I am eager to make myself a bag too, just so I can stab it with the felting needle, I loved doing that sheep! I was worried about the Earl Grey Tea, but I needn’t have worried! :^)

  2. Sareth says:

    Hi! I’m tagging you :D
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