Baking ups and downs…

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So; Leap Year, St David’s Day and then Mother’s Day – a jam packed weekend that was! and it involved a lot of baking…
The Welsh cakes for Offline were a success (after I realised that making them is along the same lines as doing pancakes – the first few are either burnt or a bit raw; then you get the temp. sussed and it’s plain sailing!).
The Lemon cake for Mother’s day exploded somewhat. It tasted ok, but looked crap, so SK got a box of chocs instead! We had a lovely afternoon, going to see the extravagance that is the Wallace Collection (the over the top Rococo can make you feel a bit ill after a while!) then wandering up Marylebone High St, window shopping and spending a good hour *smelling* in Terre d’Oc. I highly recommend it; they have these big coloured glass bell jars over scented candles that you lift and inhale; and little cupboards to open and do the same… heaven! Ended with tea and cheesecake in Eat & Two Veg then a walk through Regent’s park… lovely!

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