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hansi-seahorses(photo © Hansi Singh)

I’m not a huge fan of knitted animals, or the funny little ‘whimsies’* that seem to populate knitting mags aimed at a certain age (most of them, in the UK)… However, I make the exception for knitted sea creatures… How could you not think that these knitted seahorses are amazing things? I think because they, and the rest of Hansi’s creatures, are so detailed and have an almost sculptural quality to them… I might be getting a little carried away, and I’m not sure I’d ever have the patience to actually knit any of them, but imagine a little herd** of woolly seahorses on a mobile, or a row of the very curly-shelled snails on a windowsill… :)

*Obviously allowances had to be made in the case of the knitted cupcake!


** I had to look up what the collective noun for a group of seahorses was, and love the description for the snails too; an escargatoire – but let’s not get carried away :)

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  1. orata says:

    I love hansigurumi’s creatures to pieces! the Dumbo Octopus is so endearing, but the audience is perhaps limited to animal nerds who would know that it was not just a deformed attempt at a normal octopus. She has a free pattern for a paper nautilus shell available on Etsy, did you see?

  2. goldtop says:

    Hey Orata – When you said paper nautilus, I thought you meant it was made of paper! I’ve downloaded the pattern, cos it looks like something I could attempt.. It may end up used as a deco – instead of a knitted flower accessory, a knitted cephalopod :)

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