Recycling ‘peanuts’

This post came up in my blog reader and I thought he was referring to your actual peanuts, but no – to the annoying styrofoam doodads that are used for packing and half life not far off that of nuclear waste :)

And how appropriate – we got our latest batch of fliers delivered and the top 4 inches of the box was filled with these buggers. Not even the nice biodegradable corn ones. So anyway, this is the cool idea – use packing ‘peanuts’ to fill a bean bag! Every time you get sent something, add the packing to the chair. Admittedly it might start a little slack, bit it’d soon plump up :)

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  1. sarah-ji says:

    My friend used packaging peanuts to make garland for a Christmas tree. It actually looked pretty cool!

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