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I was taken with the Babette blanket, and have two lovely crochet books that I pore over, but…. have never got very far with the actual crochet stitches. Reading the patterns seems to make my brain fail; it all looks like some kind of complex algebra!


However, I’ve found a couple of good crochet video tutorials online and there are diagrams of the stitch patterns in the Teva Durham book which seem to clarify things a bit better.

Still that little scrap in the foreground of the photo still has a long way to go before it looks anything like what it’s supposed to! It’s based on the square target pattern but what with my wonky hooking, perhaps not a wise choice of hook and/or yarn (cotton) but looks more like a spiderweb :) Still, it’s quick and portable so I’d like to persevere…

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  1. loopy says:

    I also love the Babette blanket…I intend to make it out of my sock yarn scraps! Loopy Lou!

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