Knitting related…

I never was a member of the Brownies long enough to get any badges for anything, but all that could be about to change!

Knitting Scouts has badges for all conceivable knitting activities…

So far the one catching my eye is ‘Knitting Whilst Under the influence’ as I once went to Liberty’s to meet up with the Rowanettes, the knitting group there, and was so excited by the fancy-pants cream tea (with Champagne!) I started knitting backwards… will that do to qualify me do you think? :)

On another note, maybe I am the last to know about it, but I came across CraftLit the other day – a podcast for crafty people who don’t want to miss out on their books whilst they get on and make things… There are 82 episodes (one a week I think) and I just plunked straight in a few back, and am listening to Tristan & Isolde.

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