Stolen stash!

A question posed to us by the SP8 hostesses:

Someone has stolen your stash and all your books: now what are you going to do? What would be the first thing you’d replace?  What would you live without?

Hmm… I was just going through it yesterday and somehow it has jumped from being under control to ‘arghhh.. I can’t shut the lid of the box I could never imagine filling…’ :)
So while it would be a pain, it would get rid of all the odds and ends that I don’t think I’ll ever get around to using, but can’t bear to just sling out; the ‘learning’ yarns – colours / thicknesses I would never pick out now… The single skeins of beautiful yarn bought thinking I could make something out of just 50m of it – not paying attention to shade / lot number before ripping off the labels…
I would miss the Colinette sale yarns (Prism / Mohair) as they were a good bargain! and also my Rowan Yorkshire / Felted Tweed.

Actually losing the books and patterns collected from various magazines would annoy me more. Seems like more hard work to start that over again… The book I refer to over and over (so I suppose would be the first replace) is the Harmony guide to knitting and also Vintage Knits (Sarah Dallas) and Vintage Style (Rowan).

Needles? I wouldn’t replace the short circs I have as I now can cope (just!) with dpns as long as I use bamboo, and I probably wouldn’t miss the larger size needles, as I tend to use 8mm and below more often…

And anyhow it would be a good excuse to go yarn shopping all over again! (yarn *is* covered by household insurance right?)

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