So this week was a bit about wishes and I kept coming accross things that were wish related… dropping pennies into a fountain to hope a wish comes true, wishing on a star, Christmas wishes, blowing out birthday cake candles and making a wish, even wishing when you find an eyelash on your cheek! But the wishing *for* things…? I’ll have to think hard ‘cos, as the saying goes, be careful what you wish for – it might come true! (ha – I just typed that as fish…fishing for wishes….) Well anyway – this man made a list and has acheived 109 of them in the past 60 years!

A nice thing: This lady in Oregon will soon have her crochet patterns stocked at loop – and wrote some very nice things about the website and the shop on her blog! She also loves London… It made me v happy… :)

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