Summer knitting

This is always a hard one for me…. I usually end up finishing off the stuff I started in the autumn or winter by the time the warmer months arrive and just start on the summer vest / cute cardi  by the time the leaves are turning!. This year I’m going to start summer now! (in a cold, grey Feb!) and have started looking through my old Rowan mags for ideas… so far I have :

From magazine no. 35
Ivy pg 88, Alice pg 93, Agnes pg 102, Prue pg 107, Flora pg 110 & Posy pg 111 all by Kim Hargreaves (her new collection is out too btw – Glint is nice), Florence (different colours though) pg 104 & High Society both by Sarah Dallas pg 112,

From magazine no. 37
Martha (eyelet version) by Stella Smith pg. 84, Gemma pg 107 & Elspeth by Laura Long – tried this last year but got thrown by buying
cashsoft dk convinced that calmer was no longer produced – pg 133, Strawberry Stripe sweater by (shock horror!) Kaffe Fassett – normally really don’t like his stuff and this technically could be a winter project – pg 111, Aster (in brighter colours) by Sasha Keegan pg 112 & Jenny (cardi version) by Sarah Dallas pg 134. Looking at these I have to remember a) they are all knitted in thin cotton and b) they all feature a lot of stockinette stich – will I go mad with boredom?

From magazine no. 39 (not as keen on this mag, although the picture index in the back is a good move) –
Bliss by Sarah Hatton pg 96, Crinkle by Martin Story pg 104, Deep by Carol Meldrum – more because I really like Summer Tweed and less cos I like the weird shape – pg 119, Lizzi by Sarah Hatton – but I know this amount of stockinette would be abandoned half way through! – pg 116, Flotsam and Jetsam by Martin Storey – with out the dangly bits pg 112 & Jewel by Brandon Mabley pg 114

Oh yes and Posy on pg 62 Classic Garden

Umm… so which do I choose??


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  1. pauline says:

    I started Ivy when #35 first came out & it’s been sitting around 1/3 complete since shortly after. The problem is a) the gauge; and b) cotton yarn. It hurt my hands. : |
    STILL, they’re all gorgeous designs. Why not try Elspeth again with Calmer?

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