I’m not sure I’m ‘recovering*’ anything, but I sure as anything am getting things done! Maybe ‘uncovering’, or spring cleaning (a bit early) but whatever it is it’s good. Tax return sent in (urgh!), Work proposal in (phew!) Theatre tickets booked (yay!), photos put onto flickr of the things I had in the Banjo Artshow / This Is Not Art / Plush You! shows last year (yip!) and email sent off to Plush You! lady to re-submit for this year… Now for a bit more work, then Spanish and later I’ll be reading the Feb/Mar issue of Bust (thanks M! xxx)

*AW speak…

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  1. kat says:

    oh totally, i think a lot of us feel less like we’re recovering and more like we’re uncovering. marilyn over at “a creative pilgrimage likened it to an excavation, which I like. :-)

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