No reading?!?

week 4: no reading

Well, hell you may as well say no breathing…! This is the typical reaction apparently, and not surprising as it knocks on the head not only *nice* reading like novels, magazines, blogs etc, but email, schoolbooks, work papers etc… Plus TV & radio! umm… After reading the chapter and thinking about how I would cope some surprising things happened last night:

– on the radio there was a book review programme that talked about Television by Jean-Philippe Toussaint. In it, the character is an academic who watches telelvision continuously as a distraction and a way of delaying starting to write. Eventually he trys to avoid tv altogether (and finds it almost impossible!)

– also on the radio was Something Understood – about ‘The theft of Time’, readings, poems and music about just taking the time to just be, and exist in the present making of it what you will..

To hammer it home, this morning I got sent a free magazine to read. (I’ll look at it next week!)

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