Making your own rubber bands

As a development from this experimentation with casting latex sheets, I really liked the combination of plaster pieces held under tension by the sheet that had been cut and glued into ‘rubber bands’. I cast some more – using yellow fluorescent ink this time – purely to cut into strips and create more bands.


So far, so much (giant) fettuccine… The neon yellow ink didn’t work as well as the orange, but I had fun picking the strips up and letting them drop where they would; a  kind of rubber version of divination by reading bones or tea leaves…

After making some straightforward bands by joining the strips end to end, I experimented by using a triangle at the juncture of the join (using some of the leftover orange strips) and then a square. Using masking tape to position the bands meant a: I could keep stuff in position to glue and b: made for a neater ‘right side’ finish on the join. To be honest though, I’m quite into showing the workings of objects and how they’ve been made.

With the square I got the same result as looping two single bands at right angles to one another to create either a way of suspending a plaster cone or as cradle for an additional plaster piece.

It was a pretty satisfying day :)

Next time

  • Use the brush to apply initial layers of latex but make more; neon red (not shown) a bit too thin although good colour
  • Try with other geometric shapes to expand the ‘net’ of bands that can be used to create tension

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