Interactive pillow artwork for South London art show

I made this pillow as part of the South London Women Artists (SLWA) group show, Pillow Talk: conversations with women.

Curated by Melissa Budasz, Moira Jarvis, Jasmine Pradissitto & Kim Thornton, the project was described as:

South London Women Artists and the Women’s Art Library (WAL) bring together a mobile archive of the WAL inside a transparent igloo (geodesic dome). Inside the dome will be the mobile art library and the seating will be on handmade pillows by SLWA artists. The idea of housing a mobile WAL inside a geodesic dome not only brings the creative talent of the practicing artists of SLWA but shares the history of female artists work in the publications and archive material from the library – women being inspired by women. The dome will offer a quiet, reflective space and time to read the titles and explore the artwork inside. Visitors will be able to see into the space from the outside and be asked to enter the dome to explore inside. After, visitors can contribute to the project by saying how particular women have inspired them. Writing down a name or sentence (or stitching with provided materials) can form a collection of stories that we document – adding to this visual list of inspirational women from all cultures and different backgrounds that develop the thread of our female heritage. The dome and contents are completely portable and the plan is for it to tour, true to its nomadic nature.

I liked the idea of combining an artwork with a library collection. About the borrowing and loaning of ideas through an object. And how knowledge and ideas are shared amongst us. I thought I’d combine a low-fi, hand-made object with contemporary technology; email and social media.

The pillow itself is hand stitched industrial felt, a felt envelope is affixed to the front hand embroidered with the words ‘take one, leave one’. Inside is an index card with an idea handwritten on one side. On the other are instructions (to take the card, and idea or inspiration, as long as you replace it with another one for someone else). There are blank cards in the pocket behind the envelope, and the pencils that are part of the object are to be used to write with. If you take a card, I ask that you take a photo of it, and email it to or tag #PillowTalkTake1Leave1 on social media.

I’m interested when people touch or interact with the work I make.

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