A visit to Ditto Press for risograph printing

As a way of documenting the ‘How long is a piece of string‘ installation, I designed a fold-out poster containing some background information about the project.

Also included are details about the process of making the work, photos of the installation at The Flying Dutchman, and links to how the project has continued to develop. This is one of the first mock-ups that I made…


I’d used risograph printing* before to publicise the PUSH 107 sculpture group show, and decided to do so again using Ditto Press. I went along last week to check out the papers…

I love how the riso machine itself is a bit battered and mucky looking; reminds me of the hammering we used to give the colour copier at college…

This is a test print of the reverse of the fold-out poster…

Riso test print

Excited to see the final thing!

*risograph printing is a bit of a cross between silk-screen printing and photocopying; there is a limited palette of colours, they print fairly translucently so you can ‘mix’ colours on the page, and quite often the registration can be a bit out (but I like that).

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