First of the Christmas bakes; Chocolate peppermint snowballs

Chocolate peppermint crackle biscuits

With Christmas approaching, smashing a bunch of super strong mints into a dust to make peppermint ‘snow’ seemed like a pretty festive thing to do. Crushing an entire packet on mints in a pestle and mortar will see off any winter gloom you may have too; you end up enveloped in a cloud of mint that fairly whistles down into your lungs.

2-2014-12-03 21.00.07

When they first came out of the oven I was a little underwhelmed; they seemed to have absorbed a lot of their minty dusting. Then I remembered; food magazines have stylists for a reason! I sprinkled them with the leftover peppermint dust and although some of it went into the cracks, they looked almost as good as the photo. More importantly, they taste good and mint-and-chocolatey!

3-2014-12-03 21.11.41

I checked online to find the recipe to link to (from a Martha Stewart magazine that must be 5 or 6 years old) but she seems to have updated / tweaked it as it no longer uses the smashed up peppermints, but confectioners (or in the UK, icing) sugar. (Chocolate-mint crackles).

4-2014-12-03 21.12.12

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